How can I Capture 100's to 1,000's of Responses: in the Consumer Panel Channel?

The Capture tab is where you capture 100's to 1,000's of robust responses to your client's key questions in the next few hours, days, or weeks.

But how can you do this so that...

  • it's representative of your target audience?
  • it's a statistically robust sample size?
  • it's reliable, quality responses captured, not bad respondents?
  • it's cost effective?

You can do this using:

And also using:

  • our Data Quality Pack, and
  • Glow's AI Quality Filter

Consumer Panel

To create a Consumer Panel in your Capture tab, click Create Channel, then click Consumer Panel. When your channel is ready, click Save, then click Start. Responses will start arriving within minutes in your Account.

What is Channel Name?

Name your channel to whatever your like.

What is Country?

You can capture responses from a list of 46 Countries around the world. Simply type in your Country in the search field, Example: "United States" or scroll down the list to find your country.

What is Language?

This is the language that Panel respondents have pre-agreed to receive their surveys.

The major language(s) in each Country should appear in the dropdown. Example: "English" and "Spanish" will appear as options if your selected Country is "United States of America".

There is a limit of only one Lanugage per Channel so to run the same survey but in a different language, please create a new Channel.

How many Responses do I need?

  • n=1000 will get you a 2% margin of error, which is what most researchers want, great for full-service research, published research, or presented research.
  • n=300 will get you a 5% margin of error, which is all that most researchers need, great for quick turn research or research on a budget, AND
  • n=100 will get you a 10% margin of error, which is the lowest accuracy researchers will accept and also great for soft launches.

So, pick any number in between 100 to 1,000, OR

  • More in the multiple 1,000’s (e.g. n=3,000) if you have a LOT of key segments and brands you want to cut your data by and you need a statistically robust sample size for each one.

What is Days in field?

Default is set to 3 days which is great to capture n=1,000 completes as it’s fast and balanced.

However, you can set this to 1 or 2 days if you need it faster or need less completes.  

Alternatively, for larger sample sizes or if you prefer balance over speed, then 4, 5, 6, 7 days or more will spread your responses out over the week, fortnight, or month.

What is Exclude respondents from?

If you are running multiple Consumer Panels, to ensure you get unique respondents, not duplicate respondents, then use the Exclude respondents from feature and select the Channels to de-dupe.

What is Enable IP protection?

This feature prevents the same respondent completing the same survey more than once from the same device and is the best protection for your survey against duplicates. I would recommend to almost always turn this on.

What is Incidence Rate?

Incidence Rate will only appear if your Survey has exit logic.

Incidence rate is simply 100% minus what proportion of the targeted population in this Channel you estimate will NOT qualify for your survey at your questions with exit logic. Example:

  • If... we estimate 50% of Americans will exit at Question 3 because they have not drunk beer, seltzer or hard tea.
  • And... we estimate 1% of Americans will exit at Question 1 because they’re under 21,
  • Then... our Incidence rate estimate will be... roughly 50% of Americans have drunk beer, seltzer or hard tea and are over 21 so let’s input that into the Incidence Rate field.   

What is the Cost Summary?

The Cost Summary auto-calculates your Survey cost based on

  1. the number of completes,
  2. the number of projected exits (based on the estimated Incidence rate), and
  3. the estimated length of interview (which determines the cost per complete)

So for our Survey in the Demo Video:

  • with 18 Questions
  • and est. LOI of 3.5min
  • and est. Incidence Rate (IR) of 50% (based on our exit logic at 2 screener questions)
  • for n=1,000 Completes at $3.70AUD p/Complete = $3,700AUD
  • and projected n=1,000 Exits at $1.15AUD p/Exit = $1,150AUD

Will cost $4,850AUD in total.

  • for n=100 at 50%IR, that will cost $485AUD and
  • for n=300 at 50%IR, this will cost $1,455AUD

What is your Channel Cost Model?

Base Fee:

  • Starters: $1.00AUD/ £0.60GBP/ $0.70USD p/response
  • Premium: $0.70AUD/ £0.40GBP/ $0.50USD p/response
  • Professional: $0.50AUD/ £0.30GBP/ $0.35USD p/response

Consumer Panel Fee:

  • LOI Micro, i.e. 0-2 min: $2.00AUD/ £1.00GBP/ $1.35USD p/response + Base Fee
  • LOI Mid, i.e. 2-5 min: $3.20AUD/ £1.60GBP/ $2.15USD p/response + Base Fee
  • LOI Long, i.e. 5-10 min: $4.40AUD/ £2.20GBP/ $3.00USD p/response + Base Fee
  • LOI Max, i.e. 10+ min: $5.40AUD/ £2.70GBP/ $3.60USD p/response + Base Fee
  • Exits/Quotas: $1.15AUD/ £0.50GBP/ $0.60USD p/exit or quota

Covered in separate Help Scout articles

Within the Advanced fold:

When your channel is ready, click Save, then click Start. Responses will start arriving within minutes in your Account.

What happens when I click Stop?

This will stop the Consumer Panel Channel and prevent further responses from arriving in your account. The Consumer Panel cannot be restarted again so please create a new Consumer Panel channel if you still want to capture more consumer responses.

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