What are Channel Tag Quotas?

To ensure you get a balanced sample not too heavily skewed towards one segment over another, e.g. 65% females and 35% males rather than closer to 50/50, you can set Quotas for ANY Tags you’ve created in your Survey Logic Editor.

Example: For a sample size of n=1,000, you might set a quota of 550 Females and 550 Males to prevent a big skew in gender.

When the Tag Quota limit is reached, tagged respondents will get counted as an Overquota and exit your survey, at $1.15AUD/ £0.50GBP/ $0.60USD p/overquota. So if you have n=100 overquota, that will cost $115AUD/ £50GBP/ $60USD. 

Side Note: To quickly create tags in your Survey Logic for Tag Quotas, the Quick Tags feature in your Survey's Logic Editor is your friend 😊

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