How can I use Targeting in the Consumer Panel?

Targeting is only available in the Consumer Panel and allows you to precisely target your audience based on age, gender, and location attributes and set the distribution in each cell. If targeting is not turned on, then the consumer panel will open the survey to anyone without any sample controls so it is important to turn targeting on if you want to control your sample distribution.

To target your audience,

  • Go to your Capture tab
  • Click Create Channel and select Consumer Panel
  • Click the Targeting toggle.

Within Preset, the default will be set to Nationally Representative distribution across Age, Gender, and Location but there might be a few other presets available depending on the Country. For example, in Australia, you can switch between:

  • Nationally Represenative (Glow), which splits cells across age, gender, and metro vs non-metro, triple-interlocked.

  • Census Balanced 18+ (Dynata), which splits cells across age, gender, and state capital vs rest of state, not interlocked.

  • Census Rep (Dynata), which splits cells across age, gender, and state, not interlocked.

You can then Edit, Add and Remove each of the cells in your Attributes.

  • To edit cells, just type in the desired number of completes for that cell into the field. E.g. change Males from 488 to 500 and Females from 512 to 500. You will see: the total count for that Attribute update as well as the percentages updated.
  • Alternatively, you can use use the Split evenly feature to the immediate right of the Interlock button to equally distribute counts across all cells in that attribute.
  • The total count for each Attribute must equal the Channel Responses needed.

Mismatched counts:

Matching counts:

  • To add cells to attribute, click + Add.
  • To remove cells, just click the 'x' icon next to each cell.

You can only add Age, Gender, or Location Attributes. so to add more attributes outside of these, then click the Help or Chat icon at the bottom right corner of your screen to get in touch with our team.

Finally, you can Interlock Attributes, e.g. Gender x Age if that level of precise targeting is needed, though note that as a general rule, interlocked quotas are more difficult to achieve! Example:

  • Not interlocked: Gender and Age

  • Interlocked: Gender x Age

When you're happy with your Channel Targeting, click Save.

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