What is Matrix: Drag & Drop?


Surveys can be boring, monotonous, and repetitive 😐

Leading to tired, inattentive, fatigued, bored respondents (and data you just can't trust). 🫠

By the time they've reached the 20th question, they've already checked out of your survey. 🥴

And they've still got another 15 questions to go! 😭

Fortunately, to keep your respondents engaged, Glow has 8 variations of the Choice question type (Choice, Scale, NPS, Mood, Rating, Numeric Scale, Score, Hidden Variables), and 6 variations of the Matrix question type, including...

  1. Matrix: Default Grid
  2. Matrix: Dropdown
  3. Matrix: Scale
  4. Matrix: Carousel
  5. Matrix: MaxDiff

And now introducing the NEW:

  1. Matrix: Drag & Drop

Matrix: Drag & drop is a simple, intuitive, and dare I say fun, matrix display type that allows respondents to drag and drop (or click!) your statements into the given choice buckets (up to 6) and is compatible on both desktop and mobile devices.

Why? So that your real, human, & easily bored respondents are giving engaged answers to your questions.

Matrix: Drag & Drop Editor

How? To create a Matrix: Drag & Drop question,

  1. Go to any Survey
  2. Add a Matrix question
  3. Change the Display Type to Drag & Drop
  4. Fill in your Question, Statements, and Choices text (example below)
  5. Add Images for each statement (optional)
  6. Randomise your statements (optional)
  7. Click Save & Close
  8. Go to Preview to view your Matrix: D&D question in desktop or mobile view.


Question: How likely are you to consider buying kitchenware / kitchen appliances for the following brands in the future?


  1. Harvey Norman
  2. The Good Guys
  3. Bing Lee
  4. Myer
  5. JB Hi-Fi
  6. Winning Appliances


  1. It's the only brand I would consider
  2. It's one of two brands I would consider
  3. It's one of several brands I would consider
  4. I might consider them
  5. I wouldn't consider them

Matrix: Drag & Drop Preview

Test preview link << click here

As a respondent, you can either drag your answer to the box OR click '+' in the choice box you want to add the statement to. You can also use the carousel arrows (left, right) to scroll through the statements. If you made a mistake, click the answer in the box to reset it. You can't (yet) drag answers from box to box.

See screenshot below

View video below

  • Current Matrix [0:00]
  • Matrix: D&D (Type 1) [jump to 1:00]
  • Matrix Rank: D&D (Type 2) [jump to 2:20]
  • Mobile View [jump to 3:15]

Matrix Rank: Drag & Drop (Unique Selection, Style II)

Matrix: Drag & Drop is perfect for any Matrix use case but can also be used to solve Rank: Drag & Drop use cases (e.g. in Q10 to Q12 in preview link OR at 2:20 in video above).

  1. Just tick "Unique Selection" and
  2. Change your choices to "Rank 1, Rank 2, Rank 3, etc.".

However, just note that Matrix: D&D is not ideal for solving Rank: D&D, because:

  • Respondents can see all statements in the carousel in Matrix: D&D but only 1 statement at a time, whereas rank is comparative, so requires seeing all statements at once, so not a perfect match.
  • Respondents are forced to rank all statements in Matrix: D&D but sometimes you might only want respondents to rank minimum N statements or maximum N statements or not be forced to rank all statements.

So again, Matrix: D&D (with unique selection) is not perfect for Rank, but serviceable.

In which case, just use the Normal Rank question type, where respondents:

  • can see all choices at once
  • aren't forced to rank all choices unless forced (by you) to rank minimum N choices and maximum N choices.

So it's up to you, choose between:

  • Matrix: Drag & Drop (with unique selection) OR
  • Normal Rank (with min / max selection)

Matrix: Drag & Drop Analysis:

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