How can I Capture 100's to 1'000's of responses via Third Party Panel Channel: Cint?

  1. Go to Capture tab
  2. Click Create Channel
  3. Select Third Party Panel
  4. Select Panel Provider: Cint

  1. Rename Channel in Channel Name (optional)
  2. Change Response limit to what you want. It's common to add a ~10% buffer over your desired completes. E.g. if you want n=1,000 completes, then change response limit to n=1,100.
  3. Add Cint's submit (or complete), exit (or screen out), and overquota links to your channel.
  4. Tick Enable IP protection so that only one response per IP address is allowed, to prevent multiple responses from the same person. This is especially useful if you are capturing responses from multiple panels.

  1. Then click Save and Start

  1. Copy the Live Link above and paste it into your Cint Project: Survey Links

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Within the Advanced fold:

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