How can I Capture 1's, 10's, 100's, to 1,000's of Responses via the Shareable Link Channel?

The Shareable Link channel is used to collect data from your own audience or to collect data from panels outside of the Dynata API. 

In Glow:

  • Go to your Survey.
  • Go to the Capture tab.
  • Click Create Channel and select Shareable Link
  • Change your Channel Name (optional)
  • Change the Response Limit - When this number of responses are collected, people will no longer be able to complete the survey through this channel, and the channel will automatically pause. The default Response Limit is set to 50 so please make sure to change this limit to the amount you need, e.g. n=1,000 or n=1,100 if you want a 10% buffer.
  • In the Short Link field, you can give your short link any unique name/id (if it hasn't already been taken!!) but this is not necessary. If you leave this field blank which is the most popular option, a random unique id will be generated for your short survey link when you click save.
  • Ignore Basic Code

What is 'Allow multiple responses through this channel'?

By default this is not ticked so respondents in this channel can only take your survey once from the same device, similar to Enable IP protection.

However, when ticked, this allows your respondents to take the survey more than once from the same device which is perfect for:

  • When you want to test your survey with dummy response data, or
  • When you expect multiple responses to be captured on repeat from the same device, such as on a Tablet Survey (i.e. Kiosk).

What is the Cost Summary?

This shows you how much your Shareable Link is estimated to cost based on your Response Limit multiplied by your plan's base fee p/response:

  • Starter: $1.00 p/response
  • Premium: $0.70 p/response
  • Professional: $0.50 p/response
  • Enterprise: $0.65 p/response
  • Custom: $0.00 p/response

What are Redirects?

Once respondents have completed your survey as either a complete, an exit, or an overquota, you can then redirect those respondents to any website via the:

  • Submit Link - immediately redirect to this link after a response has been submitted
  • Exit Link - immediately redirect to this link after trigerring "Exit" logic
  • Quota Link - immediately redirect to this link if the respondent hits a full tag quota.

This lets you capture sample from any third party panel provider of your choice.

Simply paste your panel partner's redirects into the redirect fields below and click Save.

Redirects can be found under the Advanced Options fold in your Shareable Link.

How do I capture Responses?

To capture responses, click Save, then click Start to set your survey live, then Copy the live Survey Link and share it with people, e.g.

  • via email in your CRM or
  • via a button in your Website or
  • via a QR code when out in public places or
  • via Third Party sample providers.

We'll cover how to use the Shareable Link for these use cases in more detail in separate articles.

What happens if I click Pause?

This will turn your channel link off and prevent respondents from taking your survey via this channel link. You can click Start at any time to turn your Shareable Link channel back on.

Covered in separate Help Scout articles

Within the Advanced fold:

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