What are "Groups" of Questions?

Within your Survey Settings, you can group questions by clicking +Add under Groups then selecting the questions and sections you wish to group.

You can click the group name to rename your group, e.g. rename from "Group 1" to "Brand Statements".

You can also loop, sample, and shuffle the questions in your group.

  • If you Shuffle questions, then the questions in your group will appear in a randomised order.
  • If you Sample questions, then a random subset of the questions in your group will be shown to respondents and you can specify the number of questions to be shown.
  • Finally, you can Loop questions so that respondents see the same set of questions multiple times but with a different loop variable each time. This in covered in more detail in this article: What are "Loops"? Looped Questions, Loop Variables, and Looped Images

In your Survey Editor, grouped questions will be colour coded and labelled.

Finally, you can also:

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