What is "Add Display Logic"?

Display logic is used on almost every survey and allows you to control which respondents will see a question and also lets you control which choices, statements, or variables are displayed to respondents within a question.    

To add display logic in your survey...

  • Go to your question (e.g. at Q13)
  • Click the Logic Editor icon (i.e. the branching arrows)

  • Click Add Display Logic
  • Default is Display... Question but this can be changed to Display... Choices, Statements, or Variables, depending on the question type.
  • Then, in When... (i.e. If...), select the condition respondents must meet to see this question.


Display... Question

When... respondent has tags any of Drink 1: Hibiscus Rose

Display... Choices

Display... Statements in Matrix Questions

Display... Variables in Hidden Variables

Demo Video

See display logic being applied in a realistic usage and attitudes (U&A) study.

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