What are Hidden Variables?

Survey > Build > New Question > Hidden Variables

As a Survey Builder, you can use New Question > Hidden Variables to auto select variables for respondents if they meet the condition in your display variable logic. Because Hidden Variables are auto selected, respondents will never see these variables when answering your survey, hence hidden variables! But they are not hidden from you as Hidden Variables will appear as Charts in your Analysis.

To create a Hidden Variable...

In your Survey Editor, first add any visible Question to your Survey that respondents can answer. E.g.

  • change Survey Intro/Title to: Hidden Variables
  • click +Add Question
  • click Choice

  • in Q1 Question Editor, add the Question and Choices below:
    • Please select your Region
      • APAC
      • EMEA
      • USA
  • click Save & Close


  • click +Add Question
  • click Hidden Variables (NEW)

  • in Q2 Question Editor, add the Question and Variables below:
    • Brands: GLOW
      • Brand G
      • Brand L
      • Brand O
      • Brand W
  • click Save & Close


  • in Q2 Logic Editor (branching arrows), Add Display Logic to each Variable.
    • don't add any Display Logic for Brand G to show Brand G to all respondents.
    • add Display Logic > Display... Variable: Brand L When... respondent selected Q1 > APAC
    • add/duplicate Logic > Display... Variable: Brand O When... respondent selected Q1 > EMEA
    • add/duplicate Logic > Display... Variable: Brand W When... respondent selected Q1 > USA
  • click Save & Close

Congratulations! You've just created a Hidden Variable. Now, whenever...

  • respondents select APAC in Q1 (n=4), they also auto select Brand G and Brand L (n=4) in Q2
  • respondents select EMEA in Q1 (n=4), they also auto select Brand G and Brand O (n=4) in Q2
  • respondents select USA in Q1 (n=2) they also auto select Brand G and Brand W (n=2) in Q2.

Q1. Choice - Region

Q2. Hidden Variables - Brands: GLOW

Demo Video (4 min)

In the demo video below, you'll see 6 ways this new Question Type can be used to empower your Survey Analysis.

  1. ✅pre-code open but predictable Text or Numeric answers
  2. ✅pre-net Choices
  3. ✅merge Statements, Loops, or Questions
  4. ✅house and chart Tag variables
  5. ✅house and display (auto select) Loop variables
  6. ✅work as expected both inside and outside Loops

Question Length: 0 seconds

Hidden Variables have ZERO effect on Survey Length of Interview (LOI). It thus costs you literally nothing to add Hidden Variables to your Survey.

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