What is the Matrix Question Type?

The Matrix question type allows respondents to select one or more choices for multiple statements. It is the 2nd most popular question type and is also the most powerful question type.

Matrix Editor

The Matrix Editor looks identical to the Choice Editor except for a few key differences.

Q1: What are Statements? A: statements are like mini-questions.

Q2: What is the Display Type?

  • A: What is the Default (Grid) view? Your statements are in rows, your choices are in columns.
  • B: What is the Dropdown view? Your statements are in rows, your choices are in dropdowns.
  • C: What is the Scale view? Your statements are in rows, your choices are on horizontal scales.
  • D: What is the Carousel view? Your statements are in a carousel, your choices are in a list.
  • E: What is the Drag and Drop view? (next) Your statements are in a carousel and can be dragged'n'dropped into horizontal choices buckets.

Q2: What are Templates? A: Quick access to popular 5 or 7 point choice scales.

Q3: What is an Independent Choice? A: A choice that sits outside of the scale.

Q4: What is Flip Table axis? A: Your statements are in columns, your choices are in rows.

Q5: What is Unique selection? A: Each choice can only be selected once in this question.

Matrix Preview

Q7: How is my Matrix question presented to respondents in the survey preview across all matrix display types (default, dropdown, scale, carousel)? [jump to 1:00 to 2:30]

Matrix Analysis

How can I anlayse my Matrix question in the survey analysis?

Matrix Chart

Matrix Table

Matrix Crosstab:

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