What is the View Manager: Duplicate, Rename, Remove, Move Views?

Your View Manager lets you duplicate, rename, remove, and move your Views.

  1. Duplicate view lets you tell a multi-facetted story for each question
  2. Rename view lets you give each view a new / unique name (perfect for duplicate views)
  3. Remove view lets you remove duplicate views you might have accidentally created or don't need anymore
  4. Move view lets you move your views up or down so you can reorder your views.

To duplicate, remove, or move view, simply click the "down arrow" in your View and select duplicate, remove, or move up / move down.

To rename view, simply click on the question title in your chart and start typing!


For example, at Q8 which asks respondents how passionate they are about the Hot Sauces they buy, using the tools above, we can use duplicate view and rename view to show 5 views/stories for the same question:

Story 1: Passion x Gender

Story 2: Passion x Age Groups

Story 3: Passion x Males x Age Groups

Story 4: Passion x Females x Age Groups

Story 5: All Filters x Passion for Hot Sauce

Or you can tell any other stories you like using these powerful tools that you've been equipped with in your AV2 view manager to duplicate, rename, remove, and move views. It's up to you!

In the next article, we'll answer the question: What is the View Theme / Survey Theme (Chart Colours)?

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