What is the View Theme / Survey Theme (Chart Colours)?

The Theme lets you customise your chart colours to match your brand colours (e.g. Glow orange, Coca-Cola red, Pepsi blue) or survey theme (e.g. green for environmental initiative) so that it looks like YOUR work, not someone else's. You can customise chart colours at either the View level (this chart only) or the Survey level (across all Charts). The View Theme will always supercede the Survey Theme.


Survey Theme - applies to all Charts but is superceded by the View Theme.

View Theme - applies to only this Chart and supercedes Survey Theme.

Each chart will have its own View Theme. By default, this will match the Survey Theme but you can select a different Theme or custom Theme for your View

To use a different theme:

  • Click the theme dropdown box
  • Select a different theme OR
  • Create a custom theme

There are

I: Default Glow/Plan Theme

II: Custom Account Theme (across all surveys)

III: Custom Survey / View Theme (only this survey, across all views, only this view)

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