How can I Double, Triple, Quadruple Interlock my Data using Pre Filters?

Pre Filters let you:

As long as you have enough sample size to keep drilling down (Answered n=100+)


[Choice by Age Groups (1)]

Here, we've created a normal choice crosstab, e.g. Choices x Age Groups, with no pre filter except the default global filter for "Completes" and with robust sample sizes of n=100+ for each filter.

It's single interlocked because we're seeing our choices (passion for hot sauce) cut across 1 set of filters, i.e. age groups, with all Completes, all 18-40's, and all 41-60's, all 61-99's visible in our sample. No one's missing!

Double-Interlocked Data:

[Choices by Age Groups (1) and Gender: "Males" (2)]

Here however, we've added a "Males" pre filter and our results remain quite robust, with n=100+ for each filter, but no females are present. We only see male Completes, male 18-40s, male 41-60s, and male 61-99s in this view, so our choices are now double interlocked by both age and gender.

To add a Pre Filter:

  1. Click the '+' button above your chart to the left.
  2. Select a filter, e.g. "Males"

  1. Click Add or Add Global
  2. View results

Triple-Interlocked Data:

[Choices by Age Groups (1) and Gender: "Males" (2) and Country: "GBR" (3)]

If we add a third "GBR" filter to triple interlock the data, we can see our answers are now only robust for the "Completes" column filter but no longer trustworthy enough for any of the Age filters. 😬

To add a third Pre Filter:

  1. Click the '+' button again above your chart to the left.
  2. Select a filter, e.g. "GBR"
  3. Click Add or Add Global
  4. Analyse the results

Quadruple++ Interlock your Data

[Choices by Age Groups (1) and Gender: "Males" (2) and Country: "GBR" (3) and Time: "Q2 2023" (4)

As a final example, we've added a fourth "Q2 2023" pre filter below, but now we have NO robust sample sizes for any of our filters, meaning results are indicative only. So you can see, as you continue to pre filter and interlock your data, you get less and less data each time.

Thus, you're limited only by your sample size (n=100+), so if you've got the data volume (i.e. 100's, 1,000's, even 10,000's of responses in your AV2 dashboard), then dig and dive as deep as you want into your data using Pre Filters!

In the next article, we'll show you: What are Global and Local Filters?

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