What are Global and Local Filters?

Global and Local filters let you slice & dice your data either all at once (global) OR one at a time (local).

Global Filters are added (+) to ALL views while Local Filters are added to ONLY this view.

Likewise, when removed (x):

  • Global Filters get removed from ALL views while
  • Local Filters get removed from ONLY this view.

Global Filters will have a "globe" or "world" icon next to them, so you know they've been added to / removed from all views in your survey. Local Filters will not have any icon next to them.

To add Local or Global Filters:

1: Click the '+' button to add either a Pre Filter or a Table Filter

2a: To add Local Filters (only this view), click Add OR

2b: To add Global Filters (across all views), click Add Global

3: To remove a filter, click the 'x' icon next to each filter

Global and Local Filters work with both Pre Filters and Table Filters.

Happy Analysing!

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