Action Logic: What is "exit the survey"? How do I screen people out of my survey?

Build: Logic Editor

To screen respondents out that you don't want to qualify for your survey, use action logic: exit the survey. Respondents will exit your survey at the question you designate if they meet the criteria you set.

Note: as best practice and common courtesy, please exit respondents BEFORE the 10th question as any later is not fair to class as exits.

Statistically in Glow, exit logic is used in 4 out of 5 surveys, so almost always used!


In the Consumer Panel channel, Exits are charged at:

  • $1.15AUD p/exit
  • $0.75USD p/exit
  • $0.50GBP p/exit

In the Shareable Link channel, Exits are charged at $0.00 p/exit


You can find Exit data in the Response Type Filter in your Analysis.

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