How can I inject my CRM variables, tags, or unique id's into my Shareable Survey Link?

You can integrate your Shareable Survey Link with your CRM so that your customer's data, such as unique ID, or segment is captured from your CRM into your Glow Survey data. To do this:

First, import your customer data to your CRM. Here's some customer data you might have.

Then, to inject your CRM variable, tag or unique id's to your survey link so that you can individually identify or segment respondents, add a crd variable in a query string to the end of your shareable survey link:

  • ?crd_key=value OR
  • ?crd[key]=value

For the key, you can use either underscore or square brackets format, and can make up your own key.

Here are a couple of different examples:

For the value, you should use your platform's exact value format to pipe in the value from your platform.

  • Some use squiggly brackets around the value, e.g. {rid}
  • Some use square brackets around the value, e.g. [id]
  • Some use straight lines around the value, e.g. |UID|
  • Some don't need anything around their values, e.g. XXXX

You can append more variables to your survey link by using the ampersand symbol, i.e. '&'

  • &crd_key=[value] OR
  • &crd[key]=value

Here's an example:

To filter respondents using the variables, tags, or unique id's you added to your survey link

  • Go to the Analyse tab of your survey,
  • Click +Add Filter > Condition > Dimension
  • Select your variable key in Type and your variable values in Values

In your Response Exports, you'll find the variables/tags/uid's you piped into your survey link in the Reporting Dimension: columns at the very right columns in your data.

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