How to Create Filters?

Filters let you segment your audience, e.g. across gender, age, time, country, personas, brands, segments (you name it!) so you can instantly slice & dice your questions and create powerful charted crosstabs and charted time series.

The magic of AV2 is all driven by filters, and they're easy to create! Simply use any combination of Any of, All of, None of, Exactly, as well as AND and OR logic to create any filter you need. E.g. Hot Sauce Females OR Marinade Males

To create a filter,

  1. Go to the Analyse tab
  2. Go to the Filters tab (to your left)
  3. Click Create Filter
  4. Give your Filter a Name, e.g. "Hot Sauce Females OR Marinade Males"
  5. In Condition, scroll down to your Questions
  6. Select a question, e.g. Q4

  1. Select a choice, e.g. "Hot Sauces"

  1. "Any of" will be used by default but you can choose between Any of, All of, None of, and Exactly, e.g.:
    1. Any of Hot Sauce, Marinades means EITHER hot sauce OR marinades can be selected
    2. All of Hot Sauce, Marinades means BOTH hot sauce AND marinades must be selected
    3. None of Hot Sauce, Marinades means NEITHER hot sauce NOR marinades can be selected
    4. Exactly Hot Sauce, Marinades means ONLY hot sauce AND marinades must be selected (but nothing else).

  1. To add more conditions to your filter, click Add and choose between AND or OR
    1. AND will add a new condition to this nest of conditions
    2. OR will add a new condition to a new separate nest of conditions
  2. For this example, select AND
  3. In your new Condition, scroll down to Q2 and select it, then select a choice, e.g. "Females".

Et voila, you've just created a filter "Hot Sauce Females"! 🎉

But we're not quite done. Let's now continue to add "Marinade Males" to our Filter.

  1. Click Add again but this time, select OR
  2. In new separate condition, select Q4 > Any of > Marinades
  3. Click Add > AND
  4. Select Q2 > Any of > Males
  5. Click Done

And there you have it, you've just create a filter for "Hot Sauce Females OR Marinade Males"! 🥳

This is the most complex filter you can create so if you can create this filter, you can create any filter, e.g. here's a simple filter for 18-40 year olds.

Note that you can also create filters using:

  • Channels you've created in the Capture tab
  • Response Type (i.e. Complete, Exit, Overquota). E.g. filter for All Responses using Response Types: Complete, Exit, Overquota

  • Date (DD, MM, YYYY)
  • Dimension (e.g. CRDs, Places, Products)
  • Tags you've added in the Survey Logic Editor
  • Segments you've created in the Capture tab using Response IDs.
  • Response ID
  • Skipped a question
  • Seen a question
  • Answered a question
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