How to Analyse Text?

Text allows respondents to write free text answers in response to a question or prompt. This is helpful for when you can't predict what answer your respondents will give, or you don't want to provide set answers. You only want natural responses.

Text Preview

Text Analysis

Your respondent's text answers will appear in a Word Cloud which shows all unique words captured across all respondents defined in your pre filter. The word size is relative to the frequency of that word in your text answers, so below, we can see that the word "weather" appeared most, followed by "hot", "warm", "cold", and "winter".

Your question's "Total Answered" value will appear in the bottom right corner under the wordcloud (red box)


Full Answers List

Your respondent's text answers will also appear in FULL in the list of answers underneath the word cloud.

Search Bar

You can use the search bar to narrow your results in both the list below AND the wordcloud above. E.g.

Search Wordcloud for "cold"

Search List for "cold"

Export Full Answers List to CSV or Excel

To download your list of text answers into excel:

  • Click the Export button (i.e. the "down arrow" icon) above your Wordcloud
  • Click Tables (CSV)

Single text field export:

Response ID's will appear in Column A so you can flag respondents, e.g. for poor quality.

Full Text Answers will appear in Column B, alphabetically ordered.

You can also see:

  • what Pre Filters have been applied in Cell A1 and A2
  • how many respondents answered this question, i.e. Total Answered value, in Cell B2, e.g. n=188
  • the Question Title in Cell B3.

Multiple text fields export:

If you had multiple text fields in your question, then there will be 1 column for each text field.

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