How to Create Rank (%) Crosstabs?

The Rank question type allows Respondents to assign a Rank to each Choice in your Question.

Rank Preview

Rank Default

To analyse the Rank question:

  1. Go to the Analyse tab
  2. In the View menu to your left,
  3. Go to any Rank question (e.g. Q16)



  1. View your Table and Chart with the Default setup below:
    1. Pre Filter set to "Completes"
    2. Chart Rotation set to "Horizontal"
    3. Chart Type set to "Stack Bars"
    4. Table Rows / Chart Axis set to "Choices"
    5. Table Columns / Chart Bars set to "Ranks"
    6. Values set to "Total %" (Counts / Total Answered)
  2. Analyse the results!

For example, in this Rank question, for the Pre Filter: Completes, we can see that:

  • For Taste, 30% gave a Rank of 1, 20% assigned a Rank of 2, 38% ranked it 3, 4, or 5 (total = 88%)
  • For Price, 12% gave a Rank of 1, 16% assigned a Rank of 2, 48% ranked it 3, 4, or 5 (total = 76%)
  • For Heat Level, 13% gave a Rank of 1, 18% assigned a Rank of 2, 43% ranked it 3, 4, or 5 (total = 74%)

Easy, right?

Rank Crosstab

Rank crosstabs permit you to see the differences in ranks (e.g. rank 1, rank 2, rank 3 to 5) for each choice in your question (e.g. taste, price, heat, dietary requirements), across segments or demographic groups using multiple filters, e.g. completes (1), gender (2), age (3), time (4), and country (5) in both a table and a chart.



To create a Rank Crosstab:

  1. Change the Rows / Chart Axis from "Choices" to "Filters"
  2. Keep the Columns / Chart Bars as "Ranks"
    1. A new Dropdown for "Choices" will automatically appear, e.g. "Dietary requirements"
    2. A default table filter for "Completes" will also automagically appear.
  3. Change the Values from "Total %" to "Row %" (Counts / Row Answered)
  4. Click the '+' button in your table rows to open the Add Table Filters menu
    1. Select your 15 filters, e.g. completes (1), gender (2), age (3), time (4), country (5)
    2. Click Add when ready.
  5. Use the choice dropdown to switch between choices, e.g. change "Dietary requirements" to "Heat Level"

Et voila, you've just created a Rank Crosstab. 🎉

Rank Time Series

Finally, to show trends over time, simply add time filters (e.g. Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4) in your rows and choose between:

Stack Bar Chart (e.g. for "Dietary requirements" over time)

OR Area Chart (e.g. for "Price" over time)

Whatever you prefer! Then switch between choices, e.g. Dietary Requirements, Heat, Price, Taste, etc. to see trends in each over time.

Easy, right?

Rank Recap

To recap, these are the 3 most common combos that cover 99% of use cases for Rank (%) analysis:

  1. Rank Default: Choices x Ranks with Total % and Stack Bar Chart
  2. Rank Crosstab: Filters x Ranks x Choice with Row % and Stack Bar Chart
  3. Rank Time Series: Filters x Ranks x Choice with Row % and Stack Bar Chart or Area Chart

But you can experiment on your own with any other possible combinations of the rank view.

Other Functions

Rotate Chart - lets you rotate your bar charts (but not line or area chart) to either horizontal or vertical view.

View Manager - lets you duplicate view, rename view, remove view, and move view (up/down)

  • Duplicate View (in View Manager) - lets you tell a multi-facetted story for each of your questions.
  • Rename View (in Chart Question) - let you edit the question title in your chart to give your view a new / unique name, E.g. Q16a. Rank by Gender, Q16b. Rank by Age, Q16c. Rank by Time

View Theme [wip] - lets you edit your chart colours in only this View or across all Views in Survey

Values [wip] - lets you calculate counts (n=), percentages (row %, column %, total %), sums (Σ), scores (av.), and answered (base n=)

Netting/Config [wip] - lets you merge, unmerge, relabel, move, hide, exclude, and score ranks (next)

Sig-Testing [wip] - lets you conduct subset % sig-test, independent % sig-test, and score sig-test (next) whenever filters are added to your rows or columns:

    • Confidence Level: 90%, 95%, 99%
    • Margin of Error: +/- 10%, +/- 5%, +/-2%

Export View [wip] - lets you export tables to excel, charts to ppt or pdf, and responses to csv or xlsx.

Rank (%) analysis done! 🎉

In the next article, we'll show you how to do Rank: Score analysis.

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