How can I make my question Single choice or Multiple choice? What is "Maximum choices respondents can select"? What is "Minimum choices respondents should select"?

What is maximum choices respondents can select?

Maximum choices is where you can make your question single choice or multiple choice. By default, all questions are single choice so will have a '1' in this field but you can change your question to multiple choice by changing this to 'blank' or any number in between such as '5' for maximum 5 choices.

Single Select in Question Editor

Single Select in Preview

Multi Select in Question Editor

Multi Select in Preview

What is minimum choices respondents should select?

This only appears for the Rank question type and allows you to force respondents to select a minimum number of choices before they can continue to the next question. E.g. '3' to rank minimum 3 choices.

If you need this feature for the Choice question type (a very rare use case, but increasingly requested, so might change if enough users request this), then get in touch with our team via the Help button in the bottom right corner of your screen so we can set that up for you.

Minimum Select in Rank Editor

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