What is "Borrow from"? How is it different from "Copy from"?

Borrow from is a very popular and useful feature that allows you to quickly borrow choices or statements from previous questions into your current choices or statements and apply simple display logic at the same time.

First, click Borrow from to see all the previous questions in your list.

Then, select the question you want to borrow from, e.g. Q2. You’ll then see 5 options:

  • Borrow all choices - default but not what researchers typically want
  • Borrow choices selected - most popular
  • Borrow choices not selected
  • Borrow choices displayed
  • Borrow choices not displayed to respondents

Target - When borrowing from a Matrix question, you can target either the choices or statements.

Persist Order - If the choices you’re borrowing were randomised in the previous question, then you can tick Persist Order to show your borrowed choices or statements in this question in the same randomised order that they appeared to respondents in the previous question.

Exclude - If you want to quickly see the choices that you’re borrowing, click the Exclude dropdown menu to see all the choices being borrowed. You can of course also exclude individual choices from being borrowed here as well, if that’s what you need.

What is Copy from?

Similar to borrow from, copy from allows you to copy choices from previous questions to save you writing them all again but it will simply hard code those choices in without any display logic.

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