Action Logic: What is "add to list"?

"add to list" works the same as "set variable" except variables only lets you pipe in a single value but add to list lets you pipe in a list of items. You’ll typically insert lists in the Description field rather than in the Question field but lists can be injected into any field.

For example:

List in Logic Editor

If… respondent selected “I prefer Pepsi” at Q1, Then… we will add 3 items: Pepsi, Sunkist, and Mountain Dew to the List named: “Drinks”.


If… respondent selected “I prefer Coke” at Q1, Then… we will add 3 items: Coke, Fanta, and Sprite to the same list named:“Drinks”

List in Question Editor

You can then pipe all list items into questions, descriptions, choices, etc. using the inject format {{ list_Drinks }} OR insert a single list item using the inject format {{ list_Drinks.3 }}.

List in Question Preview

The respondent below must have selected "I prefer Coke" at Q1 because they are seeing the list items: "Coke", "Fanta", and "Sprite" in the question below and also see the 2nd list item "Fanta" in the description field and the 3rd list item: "Sprite" in the choice fields.

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