What is the Image Question Type?

Image Preview

An image question allows respondents to upload an image for you to collect. You may ask someone to upload a receipt, a service quote, or the product condition, just to name a few. Uploaded images will be displayed as an image collage in your Analysis.

Image Editor

To add an image question, click the '+' icon and select the Image question type. Write your question or request. This question is set to optional by default, i.e. not compulsary, as this can be a difficult/high effort question to answer for some respondents. When you are happy, click Save & Close

Image Analysis

Your captured Images appear as an Image Collage in your Analysis.

However, you can't currently export the link images to a csv from the 3-dot menu.

Nevertheless, you can find links to the images in your Response Exports for that question in Analyse > Export > Responses (csv or xlsx)

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