What is a Section?

A section is a break from questions at any point in your survey. You can use this space to greet your respondents to your survey, introduce the next section of your survey, write instructions, or break up your survey into clear, definable parts. 

To add a Section, click the + Add Question/Section button or '+' button between your Question Blocks. 

Then, select Section

Section Editor

In your Section...

  • Add your Text
  • When you are finished, click Save & Close.

Section Media

Within Media, 'None' is the default but you can also...

Section Preview

Section Blocks

Within the Section Editor's 3-dot menu (i.e. kebab menu), you can also Hide Section which is useful to break up your survey into clear definable parts as we've done with our Hidden Section Blocks in the example below.

Note that Logic in Hidden Sections will be completely skipped so as a general rule, don't try to use Logic in Hidden Sections.

Sections in Analysis

There is no data generated from sections but there will be a link to your Media if your Section has an Image, Audio, or Video, which our Section below does not.

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