What is the Text Question Type?

A text question allows respondents to write free text answers in response to a question or prompt. This is helpful for when you can't predict what answer your respondents will give, or you don't want to provide set answers. You only want natural responses.

To add a text question, click the '+' icon. You can choose between Text or a Multiline Text question

Text Preview

The Text question type is perfect for capturing brief responses that fit on a single line.

If the text reaches the end of the box, it will scroll right to continue typing on the same line

Text Editor

First, type in your question in the Question field.

Then, in Number of fields, you can change how many text fields will appear in your question. E.g.

  • 3 fields is great for top of mind brand awareness
  • 10 fields is great for unprompted brand awareness

Minimum required fields allows you to force respondents to answer a minimum number of text fields but this is used very rarely as it makes the question much more difficult to answer but it's there if you need it.

Validation Types

Within the Text question type, there are 4 validation types.

  • Email validation - respondents must input a valid email address
  • Text validation - respondents can input anything but you can specify a minimum number of characters
  • Numeric validation - respondents must input a number, not text 
  • Numeric range validation - respondents must input a number within your specified range. 

Within Numeric validation, you can also set

  • a Prefix, which appears in front of the text box
  • a Suffix, which appears after the text box
    • Did you know? You can pipe in Variables {{ variable:key }} in your Range Min and Max, and in your Prefix and Suffix, e.g. {{ Variable:currency }} to pipe in $ or £ or € in the Prefix field.

Text Analysis


Your respondent's text answers will appear in a Word Cloud which shows all unique words captured across all responses. The word size is relative to the frequency of that word in your text answers, so below, we can see that the word "reason" appeared most, followed by "bravo" and "india".

List of Answers

Your text answers will appear in full in the list of answers underneath the word cloud.

Note that wordclouds will only appear for text answers, not numeric answers, though you will always see a list of answers for both text and numeric answers.

Export List of Answers to CSV or Excel

To download your list of text answers into excel, you have two options:

  • Wordcloud > 3-dot menu > Download as CSV
  • Analysis > Export > Excel Workbook (xlsx)

If you had multiple text fields in your question, then there will be 1 column for each text field.

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