What is the Scale Question Type?

The Scale question type allows respondents to select one from a range of choices, not in a list, but on a horizontal slider scale. It is the 5th most used question type.

Scale Editor

The Scale Editor is identical to the Choice Editor except for a few key differences.

Q1: What are choice tempates? A: Quick access to popular 5 or 7 point choice scales.

Q2: What is an independent choice? A: A choice that sits outside of the scale.

Q3: What does the scale editor look like? A: [3:16 to 3:35 ]

Scale Preview

Q4: How is my scale question presented to respondents in the survey preview? A: [2:53 to 3:09]

Scale Analysis

Q5: How can I anlayse my scale question in the survey analysis?

Scale Question Types are analysed the same as Choice Question Types. However, you have an additional Scale Chart which gives you the average of the Scale.

Scale Chart 1: Percentages

Scale Chart 2: Average

Scale Table

Scale Crosstab

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