What are Projects?

Projects are where all your Surveys are housed and where you:

  • Build your surveys.
  • Reach global audiences.
  • Analyze the results.

In the Projects tab of your Glow Dashboard, you can see all our current projects and how many Surveys and Responses are in each.

To create a new Project, click on +New Project, give your Project a name, then click Save. From there, you can start creating Surveys.

Clicking a Project takes you to Surveys. Here we have 6 Surveys and you can see

  • the survey names,
  • the number of questions asked in each survey, and
  • the total responses captured in each survey.

You can edit an existing Survey by clicking on it or you can create a new survey by clicking + New Survey.

In your Project Settings, you can rename your project and if you have multiple users, you can control which users can and can't see this project.

In your Project Resources, you can add files or links so you have quick access to important documents, such as your Project Brief, your client's survey feedback, or a link to the brand pack images.

Finally, Projects can't be deleted but can be archived and are ordered from most recent Project created (top) to least-recent Project created (bottom) in your Projects list.

We'll cover Reports in a separate article.

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