What are Kits?

Pre-built question sets for specific uses such as Brand Tracking or Concept Testing that speed up survey build whilst ensuring quality.

Let’s have a look at Kits.

Kits are a collection of Survey Templates pre-built for specific research purposes.

If you want to know what a Kit is for, you can click 'i' icon to see a brief explanation.

Then if you select a Kit, it takes you to the Surveys.

Here we can see a list of Assorted surveys.

For each survey, you can see a brief description and number of questions

If you click the 'eye' icon, you can preview the survey from start to finish, or you can jump to a question

If you would like to add a Survey Template toyour project, just click on the one you’re interested in, which will show you some more information about the survey, like our recommendations and your projects below.

Select a project and your survey will be added, ready for you to personalize it to your brand, service, or product.

Make a few changes and don’t forget to click Save.

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