What is the Report Store and Library?

Get up to speed with quality insights and bite-sized reports across a variety of topics from a range of trustworthy publishers.

In Reports, you can find a variety of content from research reports, articles, how to guides, and much more, related to a number of industries and carefully sourced by Glow and its Partners.

Reports hold great resources like data analyses, reports, pdf’s, links, and a bunch of other helpful items.

If we click on Reports, you can see Store, Library, and Publish

In Store, you can see all available content.

You can search for specific content and filter between free, paid, and premium content, which is free to premium members, as well as the type of content, industry, and country you’re interested in.

If we go to Library, you can see all publications you have purchased or added to your library.

On the Glow platform, you also have the option to Publish your own content, including research conducted on the Glow platform. You can share your report privately with other Glow subscribers OR you can publish your report to our Store. This is then available for easy download or purchase from the Store by all of our users and partners. 

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