Mastering Analysis Filters V2

Welcome to the Analysis Filters V2 learning module! This module is designed to help you effectively utilize the power of our survey platform's analysis filters. Learn how to create filters with different conditions and logic to swiftly identify specific respondents or segments. Let's dive in!

Section 1: Getting Started

Understanding Filter Logic: As a Filter Creator, you can use any combination of 'Any of', 'All of', 'None of', as well as 'AND' and 'OR' logic in your filters to create any filter you want. Filter logic allows you to precisely target respondents or segments based on their responses.

Using this Module: to complete the tasks in this article, you will need to open the learning module on the Glow portal in a new tab. To do this simply click on the Survey Link > Analysis > Filters...

The Filters menu in the Analysis section is where each of the tasks will be completed.

Filter 1: All of vs Any of vs None of

Creating Simple Filters: In this section, you'll start by mastering the basics. Learn to create simple filters with one condition using either 'All of', 'Any of', or 'None of' logic.

Task 1: Creating 'All of' Filters

  • Go to Survey Link > Analysis > Filters in right menu...
  • Create a filter with one condition: respondent selected 'All of' Q2 Brands: G, L, O, W.
    • click +New Filter
    • name your filter in the Label field
    • click Condition button
    • scroll down to Q2
    • select 'All of'
    • select Brand G, Brand L, Brand O, Brand W
    • click Save
  • Observe the result: 3 respondents.

Task 2: Creating 'Any of' Filters

  • Create a filter with one condition: respondent selected 'Any of' Q2 Brands: G, L, O, W.
  • Result: 6 respondents

Task 3: Creating 'None of' Filters

  • Create a filter with one condition: respondent selected 'None of' Q2 Brands: G, L, O, W.
  • Result: 4 respondents

Filter 2: AND vs OR

Task 4: Utilizing 'AND' Logic

AND logic involves using conditions that must be met simultaneously for a particular response or segment to be included in the result. This logic narrows down the scope, ensuring that respondents need to satisfy all specified criteria to qualify. It's like saying "all of these conditions must be true."

  • Create a filter with 2 conditions: respondents who were tagged: Single HH 'AND' selected Q2 Brands: G, L, O, W.
  • Result: 2 Respondents should be visible.

Task 5: Utilizing 'OR' logic

OR logic is like saying "one of these conditions must be true" or "any of these conditions must be true".

  • Create a filter with 2 conditions: respondents who were tagged: Single HH 'OR' selected Q2 Brands: G, L, O, W.
  • Result: 8 Respondents visible.

Task 6: Utilizing 'AND' and 'OR' logic

  • Create a filter with 4 conditions: respondents who were [tagged: Single HH 'AND' selected Q2 brands: G, L, O, W] 'OR' [tagged: Couple HH 'AND' selected Q2 brands: G, L, O, W]
  • Result: 6 Respondents.

Filter 3: All Question types & All Variable types (Optional)

For those seeking an extra challenge, experiment with complex filters encompassing all question types and variable types.

Task 6: Crafting an Intricate Filter (Optional)

Create a filter using all question types and variable types, employing 'AND' logic and 'All of' quantifiers to find out...

Question: How many Respondents meet all of these criteria? (can Skip to next Section)

  • Q1. Couple, youngest child aged 12 or younger.
  • Q2. Purchased all of Brands: G, L, O, W in P12m.
  • Q3. Use Brand G Quarterly. AND
  • Q4. Use Brand G for Work Ocassions.
  • Q5. Rank Speed as #1 priority.
  • Q6. NPS likelihood of 7 out of 10 to recommend Brand X
  • Q7. Somewhat disagree with Statement: "I trust Brand X."
  • Q8. Likelihood of 5 out of 10 to purchase Brand X in N12m.
  • Q9. Social Responsibility Score of 4 out of 10 for Brand X
  • Q10. Scored 3/10 for Brand X meets my expectations to Reduce Emmissions & Climate Change
  • Q11. Reason provided: Tango
  • Q12. Unaided Brand Recall: Foxtrot
  • Q13. Spend $120 p/month on Brand X
  • Q14. Spend 70% of wallet on Brand G
  • Q15. For Work Occasions, spend greater than 5% of wallet on Brand G.
  • Q16. Very Happy with most recent experience with Brand X
  • Q17. Rate Brand X 2 Stars overall.
  • Q18. Lives in South Australia.
  • Response ID: 32b57200
  • Response Type: Complete
  • Tag: Couple Household
  • Segment: Glow Respondent
  • Date: 10/10/23
  • Channel: Analysis Filters V2 Live Link
  • Answered: Q1

Answer: 1 Respondent. Did you succeed?

Section 2: Mastery and Takeaways

Unveiling Filter Techniques Reflect on your journey and grasp the essence of filter creation techniques.

Understanding Filter Logic Recap

  • You started with 10 respondents.
  • Used 'All of' to narrow down to 3 respondents.
  • Employed 'Any of' to expand to 6 respondents.
  • Leveraged 'None of' to remove 6 respondents from 10 respondents to get 4 respondents.
  • Utilized 'AND' to refine down to 2 respondents.
  • Employed 'OR' to expand to 8 respondents.
  • Leveraged 'AND' and 'OR' to both refine and expand to 6 respondents.
  • Brave Filter Creators refined to 1 respondent using only 'AND' and 'All of' across all question types and all variable types.

Filters: Your Survey Insights Tool

Empowering Your Insights

  • Filters help pinpoint specific respondents and segments.
  • 'All of' refines criteria for precise matches (less).
  • 'Any of' expands criteria for broader matches (more).
  • 'None of' removes results from all responses.
  • Use 'AND' for fewer results,
  • Use 'OR' for more results.
  • Pre-nested filter logic streamlines complexity.

Congratulations on completing the Mastering Analysis Filters V2 module! You're now equipped to uncover valuable insights with precision using our survey platform's powerful filtering capabilities.

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