Crosstabs allow you to cut any amount of questions (Primary Question) by other questions (Cross Question) or filters (Cross Filters). You can't currently use  Matrix or Rank questions as Cross Questions though support for this will be added in the future. Matrix and Rank questions can still be used as Primary Questions however. 

To create a crosstab(s): 

  • Go to your survey > Go to Analyse > Then click on the Crosstabs button
  • Click on Add Crosstab(s) and type in a name for your crosstab
  • In the Primary Question field, input the question or questions you wish to analyse. As many questions as you wish can be put here, so crosstabs can be created in bulk. 
  • In the Cross Questions field, input the questions you want to cross with your Primary Question. You can put in as many questions here as you like though you cannot currently cross by Matrix or Rank questions
  • You can also cut your data by any Filters you've already created. Note that you need to create the filter(s) first for it to be available here. In the Cross Filters field, you can select any filters you've created to cut your Primary Question. 
  • You can also set a Pre Filter which will filter your crosstab results for that filter (only one can be applied). 
  • When generating, it creates one crosstab for each primary question selected and append the primary question number as a suffix to the title of the crosstab
  • Generated crosstabs are saved without data, and shown collapsed. Once expanded, if (any) crosstab opened has no generated data, it loads it all and then saves it.
  • Once you've generated your crosstab(s), you can download the crosstabs into a csv file by clicking the Export Crosstabs button. Clicking it will bulk export all crosstabs as XLSX workbook. One crosstab per sheet. Note that you will need to expand each crosstab first to generate the data for that crosstab. You can also download each crosstab individually by clicking on the down arrow icon found in the top right corner of the crosstab you want to download. 

Note: Crosstabs need to be updated If more data is collected, click the "Refresh" button to update the data for that crosstab. 

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