What is "Ask respondents if they would like a follow-up"?

This feature will ask respondents at the very end of your survey if they want to be followed up on. If you tick this box, your respondents will be asked to provide their email address and full name so that you can get back to them. To turn this feature on:  

  1. Go to Survey Settings in the Edit Survey Menu. 
  2. Then tick the box - Ask respondents if they would like a follow-up

The question below will appear at the end of your survey. To test this, go to your Preview link and complete your survey all the way to the end. The follow up question will appear just before respondents submit their survey answers. 

When respondents indicate that they want a follow-up, you will receive a message in your Glow Inbox with the details of the respondents who requested a follow-up and will give you options to be able to get back to them. 

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