How do I delete a response?

When deleting a response, it's likely that you would have already Exported the CSV data file and highlighted responses you wish to delete. To delete a response:

  • Note down the Response Id found in Column A of your CSV data file. This is the unique ID that Glow assigns to each respondent
  • You can either delete responses individually or batch delete using the Response IDs. 
  • Go to your survey > go to the Analyse tab > then toggle the Responses button to see the response view (see image below)
  • To delete responses individually, press ctrl+f (the find function) while in the responses tab, paste in the individual Response Id of the respondent you wish to delete into the field, and once you've found the respondent, click on that response and select the Delete button. You will be asked to provide a reason and further details. E.g. Test Response/ Suspicious. Once done, click Confirm to delete and that response will be permanently removed from the data. This action cannot be undone
  • To batch delete, click on the Batch Delete button in the top right corner (see top right corner of image above). Then paste in the Response IDs you identified in the CSV file here (found in Column A). The dialogue box will let you know how many responses you are attempting to delete so double check this number to make sure it is in line with how many responses you are looking to delete. Once you have input a reason for this batch of deletions, click Confirm and wait a few seconds for the platform to delete the batch of responses. This action cannot be undone

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